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It felt like a nightmare or a bad movie plot. But it wasn't. It was my life! One day I was building a life with him. The next he was gone.

I get the pain that you're feeling right now. You're wondering how you can ever get over him - let alone stop loving him - when all you do is think about him! If you had closure, then maybe you could move on... 

As your personal Intuitive Heart-Break Healer & Empowerment Coach, I'm here to move you through & beyond the pain and emotional exhaustion so that you receive the closure you need in order to get over him for good!

Let's stop letting this break-up, break you!

I’m Zeina, and my ex got married 20 days after he dumped me.

Hey beautiful soul!

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I'm not your typical coach.
My background is relationships and dating. My focus is empowerment.
I overlap where the two intersect.

"empowering & impactful"

"Zeina's work has been empowering, impactful, and eye-opening for me. Her compassionate and heartfelt approach to coaching is not only effective, but can impact change in one's life. I adore that she has used her own personal growth journey to cultivate a business to empower others. I absolutely love the dialectic method she uses of asking questions to bring insight and highlight unconscious beliefs that might be hindering my growth. I highly recommend Zeina's coaching!"

Roza M. - Los Angeles, CA

"An absolute game changer!"

I loved working with Zeina so much! Her passion for empowering her clients is infectious & contagious! Before , I felt completely under valued in my love relationships, almost as if my needs, wants & desires didn't matter at all. However during our session, that changed. I was amazed at how quickly & clearly she was able to identify the cause of my frustrations that had been holding me back for so long from becoming the confident, self-assured woman I've always wanted to be.  When she taught me how to clearly express & honor my boundaries, it was an absolute game changer! Working with Zeina was incredibly life changing for me & I'm so grateful for our time together!

Amy P. - New York

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